look at how squishy his face looks omfg

Anonymous asked:
"oh god i guess i need all of your fancams! your gifs are just too gorgeous! please please upload it all! ;~;"

i did haha

Anonymous asked:
"hi! can i ask you from which fancam was this gifset? /post/82724650003/just-stop thanks :)"

all gifs are from here

Anonymous asked:
"I can understand why some people began to lose themselves and went beserk. Some of them have never been to a k-pop concert so they were just really overwhelmed and excited. K-pop concerts rarely happen in the US while it's practically a daily routine over in Korea because of promotions and everything. It's an amazing feeling seeing your idols but I thought some of the stuff that happened there was just too much. Even if you're excited you should still be considerate and respectful."

yeah i get that. my friend and i agreed that the pit would be hell… people are tired from waiting in the line to get in and they’re overly excited because they get to go from the people that they’ve spent months staring at on a screen to viewing them in real life and everything just gets amplified by like 100 times. it’s amazing, but also at the same time overwhelming.

there aren’t enough people who understand just how dangerous a pit can be if you’re not too careful. i hate how infinite’s and b.a.p’s concerts turned into such a disaster for those in the pit but unfortunately i don think it’s an american fan thing where we get so excited that we lose a grasp on what should do and what we shouldn’t. hopefully it’ll get better with time but… idk. it’s sad to think that a wonderful night for some can be such a scarring and horrible one for others.

Anonymous asked:
"I was one of the people who was near the front of the line. I got there early in the morning at five and was at the middle front of the pit. People in front of me kept saving spots for their friends and at first I was fine with it. But a bunch of these friends kept parading into their 'saved' spot and I was eventually pushed and shoved near the back of the pit. Not to mention I'm only 5'0 and there were a bunch of tall people in the front. Uuuggh, I was so mad. Maybe I should stick to the seats."

omfg you got there really early that’s so unfair…

i think that in order to be in the pit, you have to be assertive and know where you want to stand and stick with it. the fact that people saved spots for others is hella annoying and i honestly would’ve been pissed if that had happened. it’s also a reason why i would never go into the pit and i’m scared to do so.

i think seats are the safest bet for any concert… i’ve never been in a pit before and honestly after reading a bunch of fanaccounts and seeing these asks, i don’t think i ever will… not even for my bias group…

tamakkun asked:
"I was in the pit area and it was hell. I got squished, flatten, pushed and almost lost a shoe lol. Another girl fell trying to get out of the pit and people were still pushing. I had to push the people behind me to make way for her to get out but I'm pretty short so nearly got swept away in the crowd. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if B.A.P were disappointed in us and didn't want to come back"

oh what the hell. okay lol maybe the pit wasn’t as good as i thought… i literally couldn’t see it at all though.

it just needs better security i think… infinite’s concert was like this too ;n;. fans get too hyper. it’s actually really disappointing and i hope that future kartists’ concerts don’t end up that crazy as well.

B.A.P LOE NYC FANCAM | DAEHYUN FOCUSED (all credit comes back to me if editing! no re-uploading allowed!)

eatzelo asked:
"Wah I was at the railings right behind the GA section but tall people kept blocking me so my videos kept being blocked my hair. Did you enjoy the concert and what do you think about the fan's behavior?"

that’s basically where i was except i stayed seated orz the time my friend and i tried to stand at the rails the venue people told us to sit back down so we chickened out and stayed in our seats after that LOL.

for the most part my view was clearish except fANS AND LIGHTSTICKS KEPT OBSTRUCTING MY VIEW sob plus the camera people were in my way too lmao.

i honestly have no idea what to say about the fans’ behavior… i couldn’t see the pit clearly at all but from fanaccounts i’ve read, it seemed like they were okay? definitely not great, but after b.a.p told the pit to calm down they seemed to stop pushing and stuff (or at least they didn’t do it as much).

from the seated section, everyone was fine from my perspective. just a bunch of over hyper fans trying to see their idols, you know? haha. you can’t expect a calm crowd so yeah.

Anonymous asked:
"seriously how close were you to be able to get gifs that clear?"

i was not close at all tbh… i was in the seated section (but very first row)

in the video i’ll upload pretty soon you’ll see a bunch of hands in my way orz it was really annoying and one person had this huge ass poster that they’d hold up every so often and it’d always block daehyun OTL

the camera just has really good zoom lol.